Athi River, The Eastern Province

Even after 10 days of filling complain they haven't responded. I am putting my experience here so that other people can take informed decision before travelling with Etihad.

Flight No- EY 211, EY 641, Ey622, KQ 251

Date: 10/01/2016 Delhi to Nairobi

Booking Referance: LMGVSM

on 10th of January I was travelling from delhi to Nairobi. At abu dhabi airport an officer didn't allowed to board our flight to Nairobi stating that its over loaded. He then forced us to board on flight to Seychelles and then to Nairobi. Extending our travel time by more than 12 hours.

These are my concerns,

1. The office was very rude and having extremely bad conduct.

2. How can I airline stop us from boarding on our scheduled flight and forcing to board on another.

3. How the flight became over loaded or it was over booked.

4. When we requested for arranging next direct flight to Nairobi they said its after 24 hours and they said they wont accommodate in hotel so we had to stay at terminal only. They literally harassed us.

And biggest misery is that even after 10 days of filing complaint no body bothers to respond. *** with Etihad

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i had the same issue coming to Nairobi they were rude, i was removed coz they were overboard, i had two kids, i ended up in UGX and dumped i was rescued by KQ, i lost all my luggage, they did not bother to deliver it home, all my luggage was broken into and i lost my personal effect, they were racists and till date they have not bothered to reply , please contact me we have several other people we can sign petition against them, and get them to take us seriously, you can on

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Guest,

We're sorry to hear of this recent disruption to your flight and apologise for any inconvenience caused.

We would like to help and contact our team for an update.

Please send us your case reference number to do so and we will update you once we have a reply. *GW

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