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I went to the onboarding counter number 68 in the terminal 3, I gave her my passport and my national ID, she took so long to process as she keeps asking people around her which one to use, she asked 3 other reps.

In the end, she gave me my boarding pass and the Passport without the ID and she kept telling me that she already gave it to me in a very rude manner, I called for the supervisor and he was acting in the same way so I called the manager and he refused to take any action stating that it's my problem and it's not their problem to find the ID.

So I finally went to the police and they checked the cameras and it turned out that ID slipped out of her hands then she kicked it to under the counter, then and only then they agreed to search for it and when they found it all what I heard from them was a simple "sorry". My flight was about to already take off and all their rude manners and their refusal to search and stating it was my fault and at the end, it's just sorry. That was the worst experience I had with any airlines ever!


Boarding counter: 68

Terminal: 3

Airport: Abu Dhabi

Date: 1st of March 2018

Flight Number: EY 307

Booking Reference: EY/GMUQWN

Flight Time: 20:30

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Etihad customer services ask you to post your feedback as if they would take action. In fact it is just a show up.

They would not do anything. I complained a week ago. So far nothing happened. This turned to be true with the previous reviews.

There are no happy customers. Best way is to sue them, that's what I am doing.

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

We regret hearing your experience and we do apologize for the inconveniences caused to you.Kindly share with us more details via so we can create a case for you and investigate.Thanks. *Ikra

to EtihadHelp #1440759

What details do you need?

to Anonymous #1443255
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

As it would be better not to share the details here, to protect your privacy, you can use this link to drop us this feedback and your booking details. you. *Sky

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