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My parents had a flight from Tehran to Toronto with transfer from Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt. The first flight on 11 june 2014 from Tehran to Abu-zabi (EY344) was delayed.

As a result of the airline delay, the second flight (EY007) is cancelled. They were told that they will be arranged a hotel and ETIHAD will help them with the one day visa pass. Now still they are in the airport, it has been 10-12 hours since they have landed in the Abuzabi and still sitting on seat!

Now the next replacing flight would be tomorrow which means they have to stay more than 24h in airport. I am just wondering why there was no accommodation prepared for the passengers while it is the airline responsibility.

Almost 28 hours in the airport without any facility and accommodation is not acceptable at all.

This is in the condition that the replacing flight duration would be 14-15hours and this is after such long time being in airport!!

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