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Update by user Apr 14

I've tried to resolve it ever since I came back from Australia last year but nobody seems to be dealing with this sorts off issues related to Etihad...If anyone has any information in regards to who I should refer it to, please let me know. I already know that CAA, ADR & Ombudsman don't.

I don't want to give up because I know I was mislead and it was unfair outcome of the situation.

The circumstances below confirm it. Thank you for reading.

Original review posted by user Apr 14

Flight EY485 Brisbane - Abu Dhabi and EY21 Abu Dhabi to Manchester. On the 27th June 2018 I was waiting to check in for my return flight from on your airline from Brisbane to Manchester via Abu Dhabi and was convinced all was under control & I was stressed only about the flying itself and the 26hrs journey ahead of me.

I got to the check-in desk and received an unpleasant and sudden shock. I had been relaxed about my luggage weight of 28kg (knowing the limit was 30kg) but this did not last long as I was told I had exceeded my allowance of 23kg. Completely in shock I tried to argue my case. Out of the 3 of Etihad staff (2 check in staff and a customer service staff) I spoke to only 1 person who was reasonably polite and the other 2 were completely rude, patronising and disrespectful.

I was not getting anywhere by raising the issue and clearly stating my grievance. To make sure I boarded the plane I decided to pay AUD263 (£152.27) in the meantime and complain later. The Omega website asked to double check with the actual airlines as luggage allowances may change and so that’s what I did. I checked Etihad's website and it stated 30kg.

There was no note saying “30kg but if you bought ticket through one of the agents please contact us directly to double check the correct allowance as 30kg may not apply to you”. It only said 30kg and that’s what I followed. I have come across before airlines which change their luggage allowance and the final say on the actual allowance rests with the airlines and not agents. At the end of the day Etihad are responsible for ALL their passengers and their website should provide information for all of them, with any options.

If 30kg doesn’t always apply and in all circumstances then it should state on the website, however the website does not and therefore is not fit for purpose. Why would I intentionally pack an additional 5kg on top of allowed 23kg to pay £152.27? The 5kg overweight was not worth it, it was just some souvenirs! If I knew it was 23kg I would pack 23kg.

Etihad website and agents selling their tickets provide misleading information and this has to be corrected. Passengers should not be penalised for their errors and miscommunication. I noticed so many more people at the check-in desks who were walking away with their luggage as well as angry faces as there were obviously more issues! I have never witnessed such issues whilst checking in at an airport before.

Overall, as well as supplying misleading information causing me to be unjustly out of pocket by the sum of £152.27 I believe the treatment I received at the time of when bringing the matter to your attention was extremely poor.

(I know the allowance for the luggage is the same both ways. I understood it was 30kg on the way to Brisbane but i just simply did not reach even 23kg as i often don't. I was convinced i was still within the limit on the way back and that is why i was relaxed packing 28kg.

If i knew otherwise i would not buy so many souvenirs. If it was clear only 23kg was allowed i would take only 23kg.)

I have flown before within Europe as well as to Africa and to America and I have never ever had an issue with luggage allowance because other providers and third parties selling tickets have clear user-friendly guidelines.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Not as described.

Monetary Loss: $199.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

I didn't like: Custome service, Such an horrible experince, Lot of inconvenience.

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Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi there, we offer various fare choices that provide our guests with different baggage allowance, change and refund policy according to their needs. Feel free to send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter with your ticket number, and we'll confirm the allowance mentioned on your ticket for you.

If you wish to lodge a complaint to elaborate on your experience, please submit your details on https://www.etihad.com/en-ae/about-us/contact-us/feedback/ .

Thanks. *Ari

to EtihadHelp #1673057

I am not sure why you want to confirm my luggage allowance now. This incident happened last June.

I tried to complain to Etihad but everything i said was dismissed and so i am trying to find out what organisation is dealing with any issues related to Etihad. Could you please provide me with details of such organisation as i have right to take it further as part of customer rights.

There must be organisation overlooking and regulating Etihad and i would like to raise it with them. Thanks

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