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I fail to understand that how an airline can enjoy 5 starts rating when it has such poor customer feedback. I would not agree to 5 starts rating if even one department of the airline is not performing well. This put a serious question mark on the legitimacy of airline rating officials. I have tendency to ignore minor hassles in the travels, and not to report them. Etihad Airways is a whole new ball game.

Having said that, my wife has travelled twice through Etihad airline. Earlier in 2014, she was treated like as if she was travelling for free, and without travelling document. The only problem was that she did not have the hard copy of credit card she used for the payment. She had a soft copy on her cell phone. She couldn’t get the names of the crew members who treated her bad at Lahore, and Abu Dhabi airports because their badges at waist height are not easy to read. We made inquiry and don’t know if any action was taken against the boarding crew.

This time in Nov 2018 the problem came from boarding crew again. She was refused the boarding right at the gate. Why? Because she had argued on the name change that didn’t match on the ticket. The boarding was refused at the gate after the name was fixed, extra $100 was already paid by me to Etihad, and I was more than half to Detroit after dropping my wife off at the Chicago airport. Listen to this, at least 2 to 3 crew members ganged up and harassed my wife and her 3 years old daughter at the airport. She was told by one of the crew member that you and your husband were rude to us, this is our response to your rudeness. You don’t like us, don’t travel with us. Is this how 5 star rating airline reacts to the situation? My wife didn’t call the security because she didn’t want to cause any more problem for herself. She was going for vacations, she had no clue that Etihad’s airways gang will impose war on her when we trusted them with our travel plans, and found them enough responsible to handle such situations better.

There is a lot more to this story that even a local pawn shop would not do its customer, what the so called 5 starts airways boarding crew did to my wife. I had to pay double to make her travelling arrangements the same week. I had to travel 390 miles on the top of 250 miles I already travelled that day. I paid for the hotel by the airport to crash for that night, and next day called off from work, and drove back to Detroit. I just can’t believe all this while I am typing it. I have already reported the matter to Etihad office. I have not received refund of my ticket yet. Etihad is willing to pay me back the tax amount charged on the ticket, but I am not settling for it. They need to apologies officially, and accept their flaws, while providing 100% compensation for the loss, and damages. I am in the process of filing official complain with FAA. Etihad have asked for 28 days to respond to my inquiry.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2718.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Hi Marc, Your feedback is incomplete. You clearly didn’t pay attention to what I said above.

You have missed several important points. 1)Yes, I get that she didn’t have the hard copy, but she did have the soft copy. Anyways, even though she is not entirely at fault, but what was the need of repeating the same behavior when she landed at Abu Dhabi airport? The next flight boarding crew made remarks like you would have to go back to Lahore.

You will not be allowed to take flight to Frankfurt (Her destination was Detroit via Abu Dhabi and Frankfurt). However, when she landed at Frankfurt there was no more hassle. The American airline crew treated her normally, and never asked for credit card copy. By the way now Etihad crew accept the soft copy of the credit card as well.

2)On the second travel from Chicago to Lahore on Nov 2018. As I stated above that Etihad already charged extra $100 to correct the name. She has the boarding pass, ticket matching her name on the passport. Luggage was checked in, security was clear, she waited 2 hours in the gate to be boarded, but right when she was about to board Etihad crew stopped her.

They deliberately kept her waiting to take revenge and made remarks as I stated above. 3)I also stated above that I have already provided my feedback to Etihad. They have asked for 28 days to complete inquiry. This is the Inquiry Reference# 674815.

I am filing complaint in the FAA. 4)I would not agree that your boarding crew is fully trained, at least the ones I met at Chicago airport.

All the feedback provided by several customers on this portal speaks about Etihad crew, and service itself. I don’t need to proof something that is so obvious.

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello, we are sorry to hear about the experience of your wife. Our staff is trained to deliver excellent service and we apologise if it was not the case.

In some cases a hard copy of the Credit Card is required to travel and you should be informed about it via email. The name on the passport and the ticket has to be exactly the same. If there is a difference, the boarding can be denied. Please send us the booking reference of your wife along with all details to feedback@etihad.ae so that our team can look into your case and investigate it further.

Our team will then get back to you via email.

Thank you. *Marc

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