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dear sir, my name is shamim ara sumi.i am passenger of Etihad airways. normally every two month I am traveling bangladesh to New York for business and sightseeing purpose.

i am extremely sorry to say that an incident was happen with me from jfk(New York) airport. one of your flight attendants/ boarding checker harassment and threatened me. even her mis-behavior shocked me. her name is puneer k.

while I was checking my luggage weight limit she told me your weight limit is high you have to be pay $144 for access weight limit. I was agree to pay for over weight limit. I give her my credit card and she swipe my card and told payment is done. she give me the boarding pass only one and two luggage receipt.we didn't check the another boarding pass.when I went immigration officer and show my passport ,officer told me he need overweight receipt and another boarding pass which one is jfk to abu dhabi.

I was failure to show him and again I went same lady who give me boarding pass and check my luggage. I asked that lady why you not give me weight limit receipt and another boarding pass. I have only 23 minutes for flight departure. in that local time was 1:37pm(New York).

the lady(puneer k) told me " it was not my fault, it was your fault. your card is not going through. give me your passport and you have to be wait". I told I have no time.

again puneer told me you should miss the flight because of your fault. I told that lady if the card is not working at least you can tell me . if you didn't tell me how I will know. also you told me card processing is done.

I was angry and told that lady how many credit card do you want. I have six credit card. you stupid. If I miss my flight I will go to court and take an action against you.

she was late and not working and then I was calling who is a manager here please. then manager came and told me sorry. I already told manager everything . then that lady give me passport and another boarding pass.

honest in my life I always fly with Etihad. but now I am confused about horrible customer service and rude behavior . I hope the superior authority or management comitee will take an action about this matter. my email address is shamsul.kabir2014@gmail.com.

for your information I attached my boarding pass. my booking number 6071394653731-6. PNR :NSVBVT .

Flight no : EY 102. DECEMBER 10TH 2017.sorry for that.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I hope you were able to return to Bangladesh.

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi Shamim,

Thank you for letting us know about what happened at JFK airport.

We will forward the information to our team so we can create a case for you.

We'll investigate on what happened and contact you on the email address you have provided us with. *Sky

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi there, we are sorry to hear about your experience. This behavior is not what we expect from our ground staff, as we strive to deliver excellent service to our guests.

Please send us all the details of this case by filling out the feedback form on our website here. https://www.etihad.com/en-ae/about-us/contact-us/feedback/ Our case officer will then investigate your case and get back to you.

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. *Marc

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