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I posted my reviews in the past 2 times about denying my in-laws boarding flight in Hyderabad, India despite they having valid passport and visa on the pretext that they did not have return ticket booked.

I even complained to their unresponsive and careless CEO. The customer services from the UAE always denied their fault even after showing TIMATIC rules (IATA) and English law relating to the UK entry to the foreign nationals. There is no such law that visit visa holders should hold a return ticket. Though they knew that they did mistake, they never offered me any compensation. They are very racist and thought I would not go any further as we are Indians. I even told them that I would proceed legally. They did not care.

When I sent a legal notice through a lawyer, then they realised the potential of this Indian and offered me to compensate the return ticket that they forced me to buy. But, I refused as the return ticket money that they offer do not even cover my legal expenses that I paid to my lawyer. They are not wise enough to know that had they offered me that return ticket money before I sent legal notice, I would have accepted. Now, I paid my lawyer covering even court case fee, it cost me more than the return ticket money. I filed my case in court demanding 5 Lakh Indian rupees + my legal costs. Also, I demanded that they would not do this to any innocent Indian in future. I will not give up my fight on this cheat airline.

Etihad staff attitude is "wait and see".

This airline will definitely shut in very near future with this kind of customer service they are offering.

Never book ticket through this airline. I strongly advise any people who are harassed by this airline to sue them.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $3000.

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Hi, My lawyer approached court in India, but, seems that the court notices cannot be served as you do not have any offices in India. It is very strange.

It surprises me that how you are doing business in India without an office address ?

Please can you provide your address to service court notices in India. Thank you

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Guest, we have taken the advise of our legal team and in this case you are entitled to a reimbursement of the ticket cost as stated earlier in our previous correspondence. Please contact your case officer directly if you wish to accept the reimbursement.

Thank you for your understanding. *Zozo

to EtihadHelp #1571372

I undertand you, but, you are not understanding me. I clearly said in my first review above.

I sent you evidence of law, mails up on mails proving your fault before I sent a legal notice. Had you offered me reimbursement of the ticket before I sent legal notice, I would have accepted. You were extremely carless and did not offer me reimbursement until I sent legal notice. Now, I have paid my lawyer far more than the reimbursement of the ticket in legal costs + you wasted my time writing the replys to you + I incurred costs in making direct calls to you in Dubai .

I am already in huge loss because of your foolishness. You never apologied me. This shows your arrogance and worst attitude towards customers. If you are willing to offer me the above losses.

You have my mobile number, you can contact me at anytime. If not, I have already paid court fee and legal costs, I will continue battle at court. I have also complained to DGCA with evidence showing how your staff at Hyderabad are cheating innocent passengers.

Tell your BABY staff at Hyderabad that TIMATIC rules are for guidence purpose by Airlines and there is no way passengers access that (I showed you reply from IATA) and Airlines staff should contact respective government immigration teams if in doubt about the respetive immigration laws. I hope you understand this brief explanation.

to EtihadHelp #1572559

It is extremely difficult to get hold of you. I have been trying to contact you over the phone, but, no use. You did not reply to my last reply in this window.

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi there, sorry to read about this. If you need any assistance from us, please send us a private message with your case number to any of our social media channels e.g.

Facebook or Twitter and we will do all we can to help.

Thanks. *Ari

to EtihadHelp #1571099

I do not use Facebook or Twitter. I do not think that is a professional way of dealing with complaints. If you want, this is the reference number of yours - RQID:630657

to konathamreddy_51 #1601919

Dear sir... could you please let me know how to send legal notice to Etihad..

couple of months back I traveled from Hyderabad with my mom and baby and we faced the same situation+they collected twice the amount for baggage’s which they forced us to check-in at the gate and they are least bothered to respond when we emailed them asking for explanation..

without hearing our version they closed the case.. it looks like they are thinking that they can do whatever they want and we will not do anything

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