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I am totally disappointed of how Etihad Management's handled my complaint. The response below is totally insulting to say the least.

I have never encountered a response with a sincere apology for the inconvenience I have experienced while travelling with Etihad Airways and then said that on behalf of Etihad Airways management, we want to serve your better at all times. Then informing me that my claim for damage baggage was declined by Abu Dhabi Baggage Services due to the report was made 7 days after upon arrival. I have discussed in detail and mentioned in my mails how I discovered the damage which made it purely impossible for me to report it within seven days. I fully understand the "7 days policy" however at the same time I was counting on Etihad Management's appreciation and merit of my case.

Moreover, this policy was not made known or explicitly made known to customers like me. I believe that despite the policy my claim is just. I have clearly mentioned that: • the extent of the damage though major could not be readily observed as it was hidden at the bottom of one of the wheels and that only upon careful observation you would see how bad is the extent of the damage; • as I was preparing my luggage the night before my flight, I was primarily inconvenienced after discovering the damage late and I had to frantically looked for a replacement luggage bag; • the replacement luggage bag I used given the short time I had is so difficult to use; Given my justifications for not reporting it within 7 days, a fair and simple judgment would dictate that an organization with good social management and service to its client would compensate the aggrieved customer. Frankly, I did not expect that this is the kind of response I would get.

After going through the ordeals, I believe Etihad Management should take a second look into the merit of my case instead of just dismissing my case due to a mere technicality. It should also be noted that my luggage bag was severely damaged due to a clear mishandling during the flight. I have not used after the flight. I have trusted that Etihad Management would see clearly the merit of my case and would resolve it.

I was very wrong. It's not about money.

I'm looking into other legal recourse and going to appropriate authority. I have just started to raise appeal my concerns.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Baggage Policy.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Mishandling of luggage.

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#1433649 me they just throw passenger bagage like anything without any fear sinece all the baggage handling is done by some other ground handling agency and they are least bothered about any Airline or passenger. I don’t think Airline has any SLA with them.

Airline should charge that amount to ground handling agency and pay back passenger losses. Why passenger should bear losses for their irresponsible way of handling baggages. I had just faced the same with emirates Airline while I always prefered to fly with them but this time i felt cheated when I received my broken LED TV. They are denied to accept baggage claim and I am gone to take up this to consumer foram too.

I have posted my complaint too in this form. Lets see, I think Aviation Authorities should do something about this otherwise they are beyond control.



which country you were travelling to and from. You can claim under Montreal Convention or EC261/2004. You must sue them in court otherwise they will not give you any money.


Following up Response Again from Etihad Management!


Following up Response Again from Etihad Management!


Following up Response Again from Etihad Management!


Following up Response from Etihad Management!

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello, we are sorry to hear about your disappointment and inconvenience.

If you like your case reviewed again we suggest you write back to your Baggage Claims Officer and it will be reviewed again. *Ela

to EtihadHelp #1400842

I suggest Etihad Management conduct its own internal procedure on how to address my case without the need for me to go through the process again. My apprehension is that we will just go in circles and end up not resolving my case. I have clearly mentioned my case above and any decent organization can see my complaint as fair and just and would honorably do what is right.

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