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I had booked my travel from Mumbai to London via Abu Dhabi via Etihad Airways and have had the most horrible and horrid experience I have had in my lifetime of travelling across the world on various airlines. NEVER will I ever travel on Etihad Airways; even if I was offered a free ticket!

The ordeal started on Jan 3, 2017 when I was checking in with my luggage on a confirmed ticket from Abu Dhabi to London. I was in line for Check-in for about almost an hour. On reaching the counter, I was told the flight was overbooked and I won't be allowed to board the flight!! I informed the Etihad staff that I had to reach London that very day as I was in London for my marriage function on January 7, 2017 and on January 3, 2017 evening there was a welcome function organised for me the groom in London.

The airline staff along with the manager David and personnel Sarah promised me their best to get me onto the airline. After a sometime they came back to me saying the flight is overbooked and they can’t do anything but would see if they could request if someone on the flight was willing to de-board to flight for me to take the flight. Well they came back saying it was not possible as no one was willing, which was totally understandable. So then I offered that one of my friends already on the same flight from Mumbai was willing to get off to let me board the flight instead of her seat.

To my surprise the staff then said it would not be possible to get her bags off and mine on the plane in time. So this clearly proved the airline was lying all along the time by offering me that option in the first place. At the end I could not get onto the flight and thus in time to be at a function in London that was organised for me!! I was offered a USD 300.00 voucher as a lousy excuse of compensation along with a stay at the hotel airport with 2 meals!!

Really that compensation means *** all to me. I was also given exit row seats and boarding pass issued by Ms Sarah on the next flight at around 2:00 am along with a friend of mine who could not board the flight as well. So we checked in our bags the same time. 15 hours later and after waiting another 2 hours at the gate for a delayed flight we were about to board the flight and we were in for a rude hospitality shock by Etihad once again!!

We were told our boarding pass issued tickets were given away to someone else as they are paid tickets!! You have to be kidding me right!!! Etihad has the audacity to change our seats which were a compensation of some sort for the excellent hospitality given to us earlier. Well not only were our seats after a boarding pass was issued in our name not changed but we were put on the last row non reclining seats!!

Thank you so much for the compensation!! When I asked the original boarding pass be kept with me I was refused so by the ground staff, so I took a picture of it! I went on to ask the gentleman his name for communication purpose and he refused to give him name or show his badge. This is when I raised my camera to get his picture to report this behaviour of his; however I hadn't clicked his picture yet.

So your staff Mr Sajid threatens to call security for having raised my phone to click his picture and not let me board the aircraft. Such is the high-handed and obnoxious behaviour of your staff that instead of apologising and making amends, they seem to love harassing passengers and making the experience of flying with Etihad the worst ever!! The nightmare with Etihad just did not end here!! On my return flight along with my wife back to Mumbai via Abu Dhabi, on landing in Mumbai we were shocked to know both my bags were not loaded onto the flight in Abu Dhabi the connecting flight to Mumbai.

What was surprising was that we had checked in 5 bags in all and 3 of my wife’s bags arrived in Mumbai and not my 2 bags. Moreover all our bags were checking in as priority check-in!! The bags did come to me the next day but yes did cause the inconvenience!! I will be totally honest with you and let you know that such kind of behavior and service does not bear well for the airlines and is not acceptable in any part of the world.

I think these guys just get away with it because all the mis-handling happens in their head quarters in Abu Dhabi where it’s the law of the old ages that still prevails!! Try doing this in a civilized and western world where customer service matters and you will be made to pay dearly for this.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Flight 11.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Delayed conveyance of luggage, No customer service, Rude customer services, Comfort of seats.

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I boarded Etihad to goto Abu Dhabi. I asked the Team Leader about whether or not I would need a visa to enter abu dhabi on my foreign passport.

She said 'no'.

So basically when I reached Abu Dhabi, they wouldn't let me leave the airport because it turns out, i needed a visa after all, they kept me their for a whole day, wasted.

I was given the wrong information, when i complained, was quickly shut down by the airline and offered no compensation whatsoever.

I am taking this issue forward if not resolved by either...


What a joke these guys at Etihad are... they have removed my post from their facebook page and disallowed my ability to write anything on their page. Great move to silence people who have been wronged by you ain't it?

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Zaheer,

We have sent this information over to our team, they will create a case for you and be in touch soon. *Gill

to EtihadHelp #1278974

You guys at Etihad must surely be the most incompetent people I have come across! Just 2 days back someone puts in the comments here that the case number is 521396; and now you say

"We have sent this information over to our team, they will CREATE a case for you and be in touch soon."

You surely have to be kidding me right??

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Zaheer,

We have found the case number; 521396 and our team acknowledging you on January 22nd, please be assured they will be looking into this case as promised and will revert back to you as soon as possible.

Kindly reply back to the mail sent to you for any update our officer handling this will be happy to assist *Gill

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Zaheer,

Kindly send your booking reference or ticket number too, we'll attached this and send over to our team for you *Gill

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi there, thank you for letting us know about your experience. We are sorry you have been through this and would like to look into it.

Please allow us to create a case for you and investigate on what happened.

In order to do so, kindly send us your full name and email address so we can proceed with creating a case. Thank you *Sky

to EtihadHelp #1274088

Zaheer Malim


to Zed #1276948
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Thank you,

We will get this straight over to our team and be in touch with your case number *Gill

to Zed #1277064
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi Dear Zaheer,

We hope you saw our last post, if possible please sent us your booking reference, we'd like to create a formal case for you and need this to do so. Hope to hear back from you *Gill

to EtihadHelp Mumbai, Maharashtra, India #1277638

If you would care to see the attachments the Eticket No and PNR are both mentioned on the ticket. It has been over a week and all you guys come back with is a sorry reply asking for the reference no, when in fact the details have been registered on your website complaint as well!!

Please reply back with a compensation you guys are going to offer me for the disgusting service and bunch of lies that have been going on with forever!! My email id is zaheer.malim@gmail.com

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