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am contacting you, as my complaint relating to a recent flight has not been responded to. This is not acceptable and I refuse to accept this as an outcome.

To explain the complaint in more detail am extremely unhappy and discussed with the way myself and partner was treated on my flight June 2017.Manchester-Bangkok. I suffer with a medical condition called Anti-phospholipid syndrome witch is a blood disorder, causing me to be to paralysed in one leg. As a result of this i called the airline and emailed 1 month before flying, i was told by a tam member i would have to get a fit to fly note from my Dr explaining what was wrong and the medication i need to take on board with me. Arriving at the airport i wet to customer service desk explaining my situation where the lady rang someone up to explain what was wrong and saying i had a fit to fly letter.

The lady explained to me that i would not be aloud to wear my prosthetic lower limb as its a health and safety risk. I explained with out it i would not be able to walk or even mobilise i told her what your company said to me and she explained that i was misinformed. I spent 10 minuets showing her the emails and i had received from your company and the replies i had been given and your companies policy that is on your website!.was stood crying in my partners arms for 20 minuets feeling like i couldn't go away and this was my BIRTHDAY GIFT. People where looking at me as if i was stupid i asked to speak with a manager and was told that someone would be down within 10 minuets.

10 minuets turned into 30 still no sign. I was told that i would miss check in if i didn't hurry up and make my mind up of what i was going to do. My Partner spent over £1000 on tickets to fly with your company and i didn't want to her to loose out on anything so i was told to take my lower limb of there and then and i would have it back at the end of my Flight ! I was given a wheelchair and made to go through Security when i got stopped for carrying my INJECTIONS that i needed to keep me from getting a blood clot i needed one every 4 hours as i was high risk.

The man at security checked every single injection that i had baring in mind they where all sealed and not been used. we managed to get to the gate witch had NO LIFT! i had to go on my *** and my Partner carried the wheelchair down. If i had my Lower Limb Prosthetic i could of walked down.

but no it was a health and safety risk!! My limb is made of NO METAL No one member of your team helped me with anything i felt like not going away i was laughed at when getting onto the plane. i asked if i could have a hand getting into my seat as the wheelchair would not fit on the plane. The only person other than my girlfriend that helped was a passenger as all the cabin crew was too busy!

i got into my seat i felt utterly humiliated ! I'm writing this email now and crying ! i feel so hurt and emotionally scared. When i managed to get of the plane my lower limb prosthetic was Damaged!

it was scratched to **** and had a chip in it ! i complained to someone about this in n email and phone call and go told that someone would write to me soon. Almost 9 months later nothing! I'm So scared to fly your airline again in-case i have to do this all over again !

I have spoke to many people about this and they have told e to go public with this I'm in 2 minds if i should or not. i ache never felt so humiliated in all my life and broken. to sit on the aircraft and not be able to wee without asking for help is something i have never done! even with this on my leg.

If i do not get a response for someone soon within a week 7 days i will go public i have pictures and people have said they will be witness with this if need be. I am planning a trip away June - August this year and your airline keeps popping up and i can honestly say if i do not get some recompenses for this horrific ordeal i will go public! Gabriella Giovanni, I first notified you about this on the June 29th, 2017. I am frustrated at the fact this has not been responded to as I feel this should have been resolved by now.

I do not feel this is acceptable and to resolve this issue, I would like you to: A number of things I would like an apology and compensation for this . I have never been in a position like this so I’m not sure what you can offer me to book with you again.

I am dissatisfied with the service that you have provided at this time, and would appreciate your acknowledgment of my concern as soon as possible, and an offer of resolution within 7 days of this correspondence being received. Please reply to my resolver email account as I would like to keep all of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello Gabriella, we can see under your case that you were asked on 8 April 2016 for your booking details such as ticket number. Unfortunately we cannot see any response from you afterwards.

Once you send your details our team can check it for you.

Thank you. *Isi

to EtihadHelp #1429412

I have emailed with all of this

My flight details where

25th may Manchester to Bangkok

Stop over in Abu Dhabi

I can not find my ticket Number for the departure only the return EY15

And April 2016?? My flight was 2017!

to Gabby Giovanni #1429425
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello, as mentioned in our other comment the last email sent from your mentioned email was in 2016.

In 2017 we have not received any email from you at all.

Furthermore we need the ticket number in order to check your booking.

The flight numbers are no help unfortunately. *Isi

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hi Gabriella, we are very sorry to hear about this incident and we apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused to you. Please send us your case number or your email address either here or in a private message on our social media pages.

We will follow up about this case so that someone will get back to you at the earliest.

Thank you for sharing you experience with us. *Marc

to EtihadHelp #1428532

My address is gabby93.gg@gmail.com

Is this not something you should mark as a priority? I have been waiting 9months it’s madness ! And as for inconvenience it was a nightmare I don’t think you understand how this made me feel I would like someone to contact me ASAP !

to Gabby Giovanni #1429410
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello Gabriella, under your email address we can only find a complaint from 2016. In this one you were asked in April 2016 to send your booking details such as your ticket number but no later email was received.

Furthermore we have not received an email from your mentioned email address in 2017 at all.

If you like us to forward your details to our team kindly send us your ticket number and then we can forward it to our Guest Relations Team for investigation. *Isi

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