i was traveling from newark ny on co 50 to frankfurt and on EY8 FROM FRANKFURT TO Abu dhabi and on EY261 TO peshawar pakistan on14 august 2010 my luggage was lost en route and was finally delivered at islamabad with the zip broken and the locks changed items worth 2000$ was lost movado watches ladies n gents worth 500$ each were missing along with jewellery worth 1500$ were also missing designer mens clothes worth 500$ ,all yhis was broughtto the noticr of the royal airport services that handles etihad .a certain mr .adnan who was present at the time at islamabad airport. i went through a lot of mental anguish and unwarrented tension which made me never want to travel etihad again. mahjabeen.javad [abdullah.khn@hotmail.com] is where u can reach me

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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