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Yesterday, I dropped my mother at the DFW Airport to take a flight on Etihad. From what I see, I find Etihad to be the most deceitful airline company ever. More details to follow.

My issue discussed here is limited to the carry-on bag (or the cabin baggage). Etihad specifies, on their website, that the the dimensions of carryon bag (total of L+B+H) should be 115 cm which is similar to most airlines, including American Airlines.

If you look at the pictures below, American Airlines does not have those bars that Etihad Airways has in their baggage dimension checker. As a result, the effective dimensions which should be 115cm is really not 115 cm. So if you prepare for 115cm and come into the airport to board Etihad, you are in for a surprise because the bag will not fit these dimensions and you threaten to charge $300 if carry the baggage in question. What I am saying is the carryon baggage dimensions are effectively not 115 cm. Therefore, why don't you simply say it is 110 cm instead of lie that we can bring a bag with 115 cm dimensions?

Please note that this happened not just to me but several others that were there yesterday and most were very disappointed and angry.

This reviewer shared experience about poor customer service and wants this business to issue a full refund. This person is overall dissatisfied with Etihad Airways and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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I have faced the same situation recently in Chicago ORD and those bars actually obstruct the placement of the bag. I felt so sorry for many passengers carrying brands like American tourists, Samsonite etc not able to fit their bags.

I am not sure if they particularly target only Asian customers . If the issue is not resolved at ORD and formal complaint will be raised with the department of transportation very soon.

I have got a case number and hope I get a answer back from there representative. If not 30days from now I am taking the matter to DOT.

Terre Haute, Indiana, United States #1242914

Same thing happened with me at o'hare..and i am using same carry on since 4 years and no problem with any other airlines...

Naples, Florida, United States #1233541

No, you just do not know how to read the instructions. You bag is too large to be a carry on.

Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Dear Guest,

Thank you for sharing with us your feedback and we regret to hear that you haven't had a great experience on board.

Please share with us all the details at socialmedia@etihad.ae and we will be able to lodge a formal complaint for you.

We thank you for contacting us.

Yours sincerely,


to EtihadHelp Irving, Texas, United States #1322859

The carry issue is happening in DFW for a long time, you website says it allows 115 cms but not the exact Length, width and height as the airport frame, It is very big issue for a customer you pack things and come for a long journey if they not allow their carry on. Emirates is way better usually they encourage a free check in for carry on luggage.

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