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Ten days ago, I flew Etihad for the first time as the second leg of my journey from Michigan to Abu Dhabi and had the worst experience on any airplane and with any airline. For starters, on the actual flight, the service on the plane was sub par, to say the least.

We received two meals and a snack, which we received right after reaching cruising altitude. Drinks were served only with the meals and snack. Bare in mind that this was a fourteen-hour flight. Only having drinks served three times is unacceptable.

And yes, the plane was flying during the night-time so a majority of passengers were sleeping but other airlines, like American or Emirates, will have flight attendants walk around with a tray of water and juice. But I could have just pressed the call button and asked for some water right? Wrong. I did exactly that about half way into the flight and when I requested a glass of water, the flight attendant outright REFUSED before walking away.

As a someone who flies generally one to two times a month, airplane rides are usually easy and almost as a break due to the fact that I can kick back and relax for a couple hours. So you can imagine how utterly stunned I was to be refused with no explanation whatsoever. And that was just one example. The flight attendants just plain rude throughout the entirety of the flight.

I have come across slightly passive-aggressive flight attendants before as I can understand that often these flight attendants have to deal with rude customers but this was another level. I can say that without a doubt, I have never experienced such insolence from flight attendants. I wish the flight had been the worst thing about dealing with this airline. Now let's talk about what happened with my checked luggage.

When the plane finally landed, I was ecstatic to get out of what was, to say the least, the worst plane ride of my life. I went through customs, immigration, the usual. When I arrived at baggage claim I waited for my bag to arrive. However, the bag never did.

I proceeded to the baggage service desk expecting it to be like all the other times my bag had been delayed. I, however, could not have been more mistaken. The lady at the baggage counter was very nice lady named Rushda and told me that my bag was very nice and without a doubt was in Dallas. It would be no problem and would arrive within a day, or so she informed me.

Before I left, she gave me a piece of paper with my tracking number, bag tag number and a phone number I could call for should I have any questions. They will call you with an update very soon and we will call you once your bag arrives, she told me. So I left the airport thinking nothing of it. One day passed with no bag or update.

That was fine though as I knew it usually took two to three days for the bags to be located and delivered. I checked the baggage checking website and there was no update either. Along came the fourth day and I had had enough. I grabbed a phone and the sheet of paper Rushda had provided me and called the number.

No answer. Never has that happened to me. There was no recording either. I waited a couple hours hoping that maybe they were on break and STILL no answer.

I dug through Google calling every number that I came across with no answer. It wasn't until I called the flight reservation number that I got the correct phone number which BY THE WAY does not even closely resemble the number I was provided at the baggage counter. Since then I have called that number multiple times and each time without fail, there is no answer. Still, even with the correct number, the agents had absolutely no information and I was told to wait it out.

So I did that for three more days making sure to call the number at least twice a day (especially since I never got an update otherwise). It was now the SEVENTH day and I had still received NO updates via the tracking site, which they do not update, or text message/phone call- like I was guaranteed. After seven days of this imprudence, I decided to call American Airlines. The lady, Laurie, was very sweet.

When I told her that I had no idea where my bag was she told me that really it was Etihad's responsibility and I should go to them, but after hearing the sheer desperation in my voice and the fact that it had now been SEVEN days, she told me to hold on and began making phone calls. It took her no more than FIVE MINUTES to locate my bag. From this, I think it is clear that Etihad did absolutely NOTHING to even attempt to locate my bag. It wasn't even in Dallas like I had been told by so many Etihad employees with absolute conviction.

After verifying that the bag was mine, Laurie made sure it was tagged and on its way. I checked back with American Airlines the day after and they verified that it had been transferred over to Etihad and was scheduled to arrive on the next flight from Dallas to Abu Dhabi. However, THREE DAYS LATER, it has still not arrived. I have contacted American Airlines in hopes that they could help me out once again but no such luck.

Etihad has all the power and has done NOTHING to ensure that my bag arrives. Again, I must reiterate I arrived TEN days ago. And yes, I understand that accidents happen and things happen which result in bags being delayed or lost. I have had my bags delayed before and it takes the airline maybe two to three days to locate and deliver the bag.

However, TEN days is absolutely ludicrous. The fact that I still don't have my bag? Absolutely UNBELIEVABLE.

Etihad is hands down the worst airline I have ever flown with the most unhelpful and useless staff that I have ever had to deal with. In short, I will be doing everything I can to avoid this airline from here on out and I would suggest that you do the same.

Product or Service Mentioned: Etihad Airways Flight 160.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Etihad Airways Verified Representative

Hello, please send us your PIR file reference you received after you claimed your baggage missing and we will follow up for you. *Ela

to EtihadHelp #1362323

I did that over the phone and absolutely nothing was accomplished

to avickado #1363352
Etihad Airways Verified Representative

You can send us your details and we check it for you. *Ela

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